About Brand

We are an Atlanta based company blending the idea of Traditional Southern Style with a portrait of stunning Arctic Aesthetics in an effort to protect and preserve narwhals and other whales around the world.


By donating 5 percent of profits to the Save The Whales organization, we aim to promote the education and understanding not only of narwhals, but of humpback, orca, blue, and other whales. It is through this medium of pervasive education that these beautiful mammals can be preserved and protected. 


Our vision serves as a bridge from creation to conscientiousness and in a sea of similarities we are here to help you differentiate yourself while simultaneously safeguarding these mysteriously majestic creatures of the deep.




Tuskers will be responsible for the following: 

  • Promoting the brand prositively within your repsective community.
  • Curating Social Media content alligned with our aesthetic.
  • Developing and deepening our Social Media following with engaged and like-minded users.
  • Sponsoring and creating events to educate others and promote our mission.
  • Encouraging sales through narwhalclothingcompany.com by driving interest.


Tuskers should maintain or possess the following:

  • A charismatic, fun, and engaging personality that thrives on taking initiative and bringing ideas to life.
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • A personal Facebook page.
  • A personal Instagram account with at least 500 followers.
  • A Collegiate or University enrollment.
  • A Greek affiliation is preferred but by no means required.
  • A short personal video to compliment and accompany your application is strongly encouraged.


Tuskers will gain insight into the entrepreneurial process giving them applicable experience to any future endeavors they may become involved with. In this way, capable and successful Tuskers are more than welcome to identify the Founders as Resume References, allowing the Founders to speak on their behalf. Furthermore, and primarily, Tuskers will be compensated through exclusive discount codes as well as the potential ability to earn free products such as decals, shirts, sweatshirts, and additional items.