About Brand

Our mission is to preserve African wildlife by funding the most effective local wildlife conservation organizations in Africa. We make and sell high-quality apparel and accessories to fund our efforts.

It’s about wearing your heart on your finely-crafted sleeve. It’s about your discerning lifestyle — you don’t just fund broad wildlife preservation concepts, you support specific African wildlife conservation initiatives that lead to tangible results.

Every time you shop and wear American Rhino, you are telling the world that you are supporting those that monitor African wildlife every day. You’re helping to raise the orphans of the poached. You’re clearing the snares poachers use to capture their victims. You care and it shows.


Help #SaveARhino!

Your job as a Rhino-Rep will be to:

  • Spread the word about American Rhino
  • Wear/use the gear
  • Post on social about us, positively promoting our company and its mission
  • Sell gear either in person or by driving traffic to our website.
  • Host 1-2 events per semester with support from us (American Safari) (Trunk show, tailgate, bbq, contest)
  • Hand out SWAG.
  • Basically drive traffic to our site, increase followers, rep the brand by wearing our gear, help sell an have fun!

Get creative! Have an idea of how to promote or a new product? Let us know! 


  • Outgoing, adventurous, fun-loving personality 
  • Wants to make a difference in conservation
  • Loves to travel and loves animals
  • Enthusiastic about American Rhino
  • Active on social media