About Brand

What's Perksy?

Perksy is the app that pays your to play. All you have to do is answer questions in the app and you get points for every answer. Then, you can cash out for real rewards.

You get to choose whatever you want from gift cards to over 100 brands and subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu and other cool things. 

The questions come from top brands that want our opinion on how to make themselves better and create cooler products, so they're acutally fun to answer.

Get it from the app store and try it out!

How do I get rewards faster?

Make sure you have push notifcations turned on! Perksy lets you know when you have a new question stack. 

Do the Personal Quiz. You answer questions about yourself that brands use to reach specific groups of people. And more questions means more points!

Sign in with and link your social media. Brands use them to reach specific people too!


Your responsibility is to rep Perksy in ways that you know how! The objective is to get as many people to download the app as you can and gain awareness for Perksy.

This means you will post something cool from our app to your Snap or Insta story. And in the fall as school starts, we will send you fun swag to use in your posts (and use whenever you want!), like tank tops, stickers, posters and more! 

We’re open to all sorts of ideas – if you are a skilled photographer, videographer or a social media guru, let us know and we will help get you what you need to promote us in the best way you can!

As a Perksy Ambassador, you will have a personal link that your followers will use to download the app. You will be responsible for getting that link out to your followers- whether it is in your social media bios, texted out to all your friends, posted on school channels... you get the idea. The goal is to reach the most people you can with your link and get people excited about it!


  • enthusiasm about the app that pays you to play
  • interest in working with an awesome team
  • established idea for how to get as many downloads as possible!


  • Great work experience with an awesome startup + oppotunity to ramp up yout résumé for college apps or future employment
  • Career Mentoring from one of our Vice Presidents whether it's in a field you are interested in or it's general advice on finding future internships and jobs
  • Letter of Recommendation from Perksy's CEO Nadia Masri
  • Get $20 for every 100 downloads!