About Brand

For the Students, By the Students
It all started when one day, two Indiana University meat heads realized that the cost of supplements was draining what little money they had available. To make matters worse, spring break was coming up and there was no way they were going to sacrifice a great body because of cost. They decided that instead of getting ripped off by the national retailers they would try something new to save themselves and their friends some money. Money they all could use for more important things, like Spring Break!After researching companies that sold supplements online for half the price of the retailers, they ran into another problem of unreliable delivery times and prices. The days they missed their supplements resulted in fewer reps and less stamina (both in and out of the gym), as they waited sometimes weeks for their products to arrive. These entrepreneurial meatheads found a source that was cheap and reliable for their scheduled gym rat routines and they started to order products in bulk. Word spread like wild fire about this cheap and fast delivery service that offered same day delivery and unbelievable prices. Little did the student customers know that their very own classmates were staying up late to package their supplements and hand deliver them around campus. What no one knew at the time was that this "business" was the birth of Campus Protein.Universities around the country now look to Campus Protein as their one and only stop for supplements. A once two man show is now run by over one hundred of Campus Protein representatives around the nation. There are currently over 250 Campus Protein sites nationally, and more than 100 more in line to open with in the upcoming months. But don't worry, you don't have to be on a campus to order, their services and reliable times are now offered to people all over, even alumni! It's not every day you hear a meathead success story like this one, so go out and support CampusProtein.com!


Responsibilities including spreading brand awareness both on campus and via social media. Expected to generate a minimum of one sale per week.


College Age
Health and Fitness Oriented
Sales Experience Preferred


Commission, Product, Bonus