About Brand

We love chocolate milk, but have always thought it could be better. So after years of settling, we finally decided to change it - to help give chocolate milk a clean slate. Our products are tastier, healthier, lactose-free, longer lasting, all natural, and able to be shipped online.

Our first flavors: Classic Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Mocha Flip (chocolate milk with coffee, and it's caffeinated).

Health stuff: 75% less sugar and 50% more protein than regular chocolate milk, lactose free, in a can!


We're looking for fun, outgoing people to help us spread the word about our milk revolution! This is an extremely flexible position. Upon application, we will reach out with more info about each opportunity. Then you can choose which path you'd like to take!

a) INFLUENCER - no minimum following necessary
You can post once for us on social, get free chocolate milk, and never talk to us again
b) REP 
Includes a social post and other ways of helping to spread the word about our brand. 
Want to get paid to give out free samples of our chocolate milks? Let's talk.



a) Know how to smile, respond to emails, and operate an iPhone.
b) Embody our brand personality of fun, outoing, active, and social.
c) You have to at least kind of like chocolate milk... but it's even better if you love it. 


Inquire for more info. Payment varies based on position.

Follow us on Instagram @slatemilk to learn more about our launch timeline!