About Brand



in an industry plagued with the opposite, we’re redefining what it means to be original.

we've combined slim design with quality material and colorful details for a watch that will get you there without holding you back. 

effortless. purposeful. free from frills. 
proof that minimalism doesn't have to be boring.


founded in downtown dallas, our headquarters sits at the intersection of canton and hall. 

the winding streets of the city are bustling with people, ideas and culture. 

immersed in this urban lifestyle, we have come to embrace the unexpected.

every city is a hub of experiences full of colorful characters and unexpected detours. 

each street is lined with hidden gems and like our own, every intersection offers 
a chance to explore in a new direction.


inspired by the city.

born at a crossroads.

created for you.


our designs reflect the spontaneity of the city and encourage you to explore new routes and find opportunity in accidental moments. we need you to share your experinces over social media and guide others to discover who we are. 


in a world of idle ramblers, you’re the spark. for every tomorrow, you’re a right now. while others dream, you do.

while others wanderlust, you are filled with wonder. because your journey requires no passport. your city is your playground and every day is a new adventure.

if you find inspiration in your backyard, if you love to discover new places, become an ambassador to your city.

we are looking for people who mix up creativity with tenacity and get a great time. personality and perspective will take you to the front of the line.


commison based on direct sales

monthly bonus opportunity 

free watches and merchandise

exclusive offers and pre-release purchase options on new product