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About us

Combining a love of detail & passion for adventure to create goods worthy of every day wear. At Jack Mason we strive to create unique accessories of superior quality that are at once classic, modern, and timeless. We show our passion by focusing on the details. Careful consideration of design, materials, production, and the customer experience allows us to provide goods that have a value and appeal beyond the sum of their parts. At the end of the day, we work to prove that when you care about the details, the big picture takes care of itself.


Watches, Leather Goods, NFL and NCAA Licensing


Dallas, TX


Company Size

20 employees









Growing awareness for the Jack Mason brand through social media and participation in local events. Creating social media posts that share your perspective and insight into the brand and how it relates to your campus.


Interest in growing a brand with social media and in person events. Actively involved on campus with one or more social organization. Must attend one of the below universities at the designated location:

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

University of Texas, Austin

Ohio State University, Columbus

Florida State University, Tallahassee 

University of Oklahoma, Norman

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Auburn University, Auburn

Texas A&M, College Station

University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Commison based on direct sales

Monthly bonus oppurtunity 

Free watches and merchandise

Exclusive offers and pre-release purchase options on new product