About Brand

Beauty Inspired by the Purity of Finland Nature

Why Are We Unique?

Established in 2012, based in Beverly Hills, CA, the luxury brand L.A. Christine began creating the finest natural skincare products inspired by the Finnish origins of founder Lea Anne Christine Fulton. For centuries, Finland has been renowned for creating many of the world's most sought-after skin treatments. Saunas, spas, arctic berries, natural ingredients and other elements of a healthy lifestyle are at the center of both the Finnish culture and the L.A. Christine brand.


L.A. Christine’s signature product, No 3 Berry Face Oil, has garnered a cult following – for good reason! This incredible formula contains a proprietary blend of Arctic berries, featuring Finnish Lingonberry, Nordic Wild Raspberry and it’s exotic southern cousin Brazilian Açai Berry. It is adored by Hollywood makeup artists and beauty buffs around the globe. For immediately visible results and healthy radiant skin, there’s nothing like it!


Recently we were featured on CBS and NBC television networks (video below), the Golden Globes and Billboard Music Awards.  


Check out Look Who's Talking  for our press coverage and video features on CBS The Talk and NBC Extra


Our products are all natural, cruelty free, great for all skin types, clinically tested and dermatologist certified. Here is a list of many frequently asked questions and how people use L.A. Christine.


I look forward to answering any questions you may have and look forward to you joing the L.A. Christine community.

Best regards,

Lea A. C. Fulton, founder of L.A. Christine


As a beauty ambassador you are responsible for spreading the message and selling the magic in a blue bottle! You will be expected to use various social media outlets to market L.A. Christine's signature product, No.3 Berry Face Oil, along with the other two products. Along with  utilizing social media, you are free to organize campaigns in anyway that you feel will be most beneficial to you as an ambassador and the company. Keeping in line with the image and reputation of the company, this gives you COMPLETE CREATIVE FREEDOM to market the products.


  • No. 1 Berry Face Cleansing Toning Mist
  • No. 2 Berry Face Exfoliant 
  • No. 3 Berry Face Oil


We require weekly posts on social media promoting LA Christine and the discount offered through your customized promo code!


KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SELLING! Don't worry if you have yet to hear about this amazing natural beauty company yourself. You will have a brief online orientation with one of our recruiters who will tell you everything you need to know. 


  • Set up a Paypal account to recieve commision on sales.


  • Be willing to sell the product enthusiastically!
  • Project a healthy and natural lifestyle
  • Be on several forms of Social Media such as (but not limited to):
  1. Instagram (public accounts only) 
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Snapchat
  5. YouTube

Preferable Applicants: 

  • 18 years or older
  • At least 4000+ followers
  • Previous experience as a brand ambassador or in marketing.
  • Familiarity with All Natural Skin Care products
  • Purchase required of  No 3 Berry Face Oil (30ml) with your personal use 20% discount code. This benefits you and shows your committment using the product to share your stories in your postings.


  • All ambassadors will receive a 20% discount on any L.A... Christine products that they purchase for themselves.
  • Along with your personal use discount, ambassadors have the opportunity to be promoted to different levels based on the amount of sales they generate through use of their 15% personalized client promo code. This allows ambassadors to increase their commission based on their results. Ambassadors will start their journey with L.A.. Christine with 5% commission on each sale they generate. 
  • Payment is through Paypal.

                                                   AMBASSADOR LEVELS

  • 1-3 SALES =             (entry level)
  • 4-10 SALES =          GOLD
  • 11-15 SALES =         PLATINUM 
  • 16-20 SALES =         SAPPHIRE
  • 21-29 SALES =       DIAMOND
  • 30+ SALES = possible opportunities for hire at the company