About Brand

It's time you wear what you believe in!


We create hats for a cause where each product is backed by a different charity. We donate $10 for each hat sold to the partner cause. While this is an important part of what we do, our more powerful mission is raising awareness of incredible causes by creating products that start real conversations.


Our backers include: Action Against Hunger, Education Through Music, Conservation International, Arbor Day Foundation, Paws With A Cause, Coral Restoration Foundation, ProLiteracy, HawkWatch, and Afterschool Alliance.


We're looking for passionate people to represent not just the mission of Together Good[s], but also our incredible charity partners. As long as you're spreading the word, the way in which you do it is up to you!


It can be as simple as posting on social media and starting a conversation. Or, you can go wild and make a pop-up event! Creativity is encouraged and the more you do, the more you earn. Even better, with every customer you bring along, you're helping raise $10 for that charity! Hats off to you.


1. Love doing good.

2. Wear hats.

4. Own a phone.

5. Realize I skipped 3.

6. Educate yourself on the missions of our partners.

7. Educate others on the missions of our partners.


The wonderful feeling of spreading the message of missions that do good.

Oh, also discounts and free stuff!